Family Reunions

Family Reunion

There is no better way to spend time with loved ones than a family reunion. And a destination family reunion makes it even more special. Whether your family is large or small, consider getting help from the start by calling in the experts—TravelPlus of NC.

At TravelPlus, we know which cruise ships and resorts specialize in family travel. We also take care of all the details ranging from recommending restaurants to arranging for airline tickets, and making hotel or car rental reservations. We can also help with last minute itinerary changes and cancelled flights, as well as arranging for family members with special needs.

In addition, we can help plan activities that will appeal to all members of your family. Children and young adults may prefer sports and more active entertainment, while the older generations may prefer a tour of nearby museums or shopping in town. Whatever appeals to your family, we will find it and make the necessary arrangements.

We take the stress out of planning and having the reunion, so you can enjoy the trip and your family. Call today or fill out our form.